VPD Radio has expanded its broadcasting operations through a multimedia public information service strategy that will enable us to help social inclusion programs while supporting our business mission to be self-sustainable.

VPD Radio is a not-for-profit media broadcast organisation that by its very nature of “not-for-profit’ can exploit relationships with INGOs and NGOs to plan and conduct public information campaigns.

VPD Radio has recently restructured its operations to serve as a one-stop-shop for all CDPO, government partner organisations, and INGO public information campaigns.

VPD Radio, which was established by the Cambodian Disabled Peoples Organisation (CDPO), is a not-for-profit NGO dedicated to promoting social inclusion for all.

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VPD Radio has built constructive new partnerships with INGOs and NGOs through the introduction of its social inclusion radio program which features guest-speakers and caller interaction.

The radio program broadcasts 10-11am Monday to Friday and exploits the popular theme of social inclusion which is a priority with all INGOs and NGOs in the pursuit of UNDP social development goals (SDGs).

The program gives a voice to the most vulnerable and marginalised groups in the Kingdom of Cambodia such as women, the elderly, children, the poor, and ethnic and religious minorities.

This program has raised the profile of VPD Radio in the NGO community and in the provinces we broadcast to.

CDPO/VPDs capacity to manage the public information campaigns of client NGOs was demonstrated recently in grant applications to IFES for the ASEAN Master Plan and GIZ’s maternity health campaign.



For VPD to offer a one-stop-shop public information service to its clients and partners it will exploit:

  • Social media marketing
  • Traditional media – electronic and print media
  • Corporate communications – internal stakeholder communications

VPD’s one-stop-shop public information service offers:

  • Analysis of client objectives and outcomes.
  • Target audience research and analysis.
  • Stakeholder engagement meetings and evaluation.
  • Campaign planning, implementation and evaluation.
  • Public information triggers – key themes and key messages.
  • Cascading information effects via multiple media channels.
  • Event management for seminars and launches.
  • Issues and crisis management for reputation management.
  • Media products – video documentaries + TV & radio advertisements.
  • Translation services and document publishing.
  • Media Interview Training, with video play-back analysis.Untitled-5

Operating Costs

As a not-for-profit entity VPD Radio strives to be self-sustaining which entails staff salaries and the rental of radio antennae towers in Siem Reap and Sihanoukville.

VPD asks clients to provide a donation in exchange of its public information services, to cover staff salaries, media production costs and media broadcast costs.

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